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We deliver a truly institutional market

Purpose-built for institutions, Seed CX provides the operational excellence, market safeguards, technology infrastructure and dedicated support required to trade confidently into the digital asset market. Seed CX, through its subsidiaries, offers an institutional digital asset exchange for spot trading, and plans to offer a separate market for CFTC-regulated derivatives overlaying digital assets. Seed CX and its subsidiaries hold the following licenses: Swap Execution Facility (CFTC), Introducing Broker (NFA), Money Services Business (FinCEN), and Money Transmitter (over a dozen states, including Delaware, Illinois and Connecticut), and it has a pending BitLicense with NYDFS.

Rigorous Compliance Infrastructure

Markets are surveilled in real time by a dedicated team to ensure an efficient and trusted trading venue. The market surveillance team are empowered with multiple automated trade alerts, circuit breakers and full order book audit trails. We enforce strict trade prohibitions on cryptocurrencies, both as a company and our people. We never take payment in any way for listing a particular digital asset.

Wide Range of Tradable Products

We will offer multiple fiat (initially USD but soon launching GBP, EUR & JPY) to crypto trading pairs and the ability to trade both spot and derivative contracts. This allows participants to trade a unique range of products, as well as incorporate digital assets into their portfolios for the first time.

Differentiated Market Structure

We offer a market structure tailored for institutions looking to trade larger minimum order sizes with liquidity aggregated at relevant price bands. Market participants may either trade on our CLOB or transact in blocks on our OTC platform.

Industry Leading Connectivity

Trade through FIX API, WebSocket or our fully customizable front-end, which supports order submission, block trading, charting and trade auditing. Direct connection is available at NY4 & CH1. Binary multicast market data distribution and drop copy execution reports available.

Dedicated Institutional Coverage

A dedicated team of operational support professionals based in Chicago provide around the clock support via live chat, email or phone.

Strong Account Controls

Support for participants to establish customizable user privileges including credit limits, trade controls and withdrawal limits. The storage and settlement of digital assets has enforced withdrawal whitelisting addresses and 2-FA for all users.

Meet the team

Seed CX is guided by a deep team of industry veterans and innovators. From its executive team to its board of directors and its advisors, we have decades of experience in market structure, exchange operations, institutional investing, proprietary trading, risk management and IT infrastructure.


Edward Woodford

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

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Brian Liston

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

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John Hart

Chief Information Officer

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Sam Tegel

Chief Strategy Officer

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Matt Weiss

Chief Technical Officer

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Lawrence Mish, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

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Waseem Barazi

Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel

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Adam Leaman

Head of Market Operations

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Adam Struck

Public Director, Seed CX

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Cynthia Meyn

Public Director, Seed Digital Securities Market

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John D'Agostino

Public Director, Seed SEF

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Robert Paul

Public Director, Seed SEF

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Kathleen Camilli

Public Director, Zero Hash

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Julie Myers-Wood

Public Director, Zero Hash

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