The Exchange

Seed CX is unique in that it will eventually allow the trading of any digital asset, whether security or commodity, in both the spot and derivatives markets. Seed CX maintains various regulated trading venues to give traders access to the widest range of tradable products, connecting liquidity pools on a secure platform with deep institutional liquidity.

Security & Compliance

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Digital Commodities Market

A premier institutional-grade U.S.-based spot market for digital assets. Seed Digital Commodities Market has a pending application to obtain a BitLicense with the New York State Department of Financial Services.


A CFTC-regulated, U.S.-based Swap Execution Facility that plans to offer physically settled short-dated and long-dated forward contracts on digital assets.

Digital Securities Market

Seed Digital Securities Market is applying to become a Broker-Dealer and Alternative Trading System with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and Securities Exchange Commission to facilitate the trading of security tokens and act as a qualified custodian.

Rigorous Compliance

No internal market-making or trading desks or internalization of any order flow.

No personal cryptocurrency trading by employees. We enforce strict trade prohibitions, both as a company and on our people.

Authorized audit confirmations are available upon request.

Markets are surveilled in real time by a dedicated team to ensure an efficient and trusted trading venue. The market surveillance team is empowered by multiple automated trade alerts, circuit breakers and full order book audit trails.

Margin Trading

Our sophisticated risk models allow us to provide leverage up to 3.3x. The ability to hold short positions creates entirely new potential long/short strategies, engendering a more efficient market.

Liquidity through
Differentiated Market

We offer a market structure tailored for institutions looking to trade larger minimum order sizes with liquidity aggregated at relevant price bands. We require minimum trade quantities, larger tick sizes and a competitive fee schedule.

Market participants may either trade on our CLOB or transact in blocks on our OTC platform.

Robust Multi-User

We allow institutions to set up multiple trading desks, each with multiple traders, administrators, accountants and other stakeholders, enabling maximum control.

Market participants can impose customizable instrument and credit limits on trading desks.

Wide Range of Tradable
Digital Assets

Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and more coming soon. Digital assets are listed when they meet Seed CX’s Token Acceptance Framework. We never take payment in any way for listing a particular digital asset.

Support for More Fiat
Currencies Than Any
Other Exchange

USD, GBP, EUR, JPY and more.

Institutional Support

Connect with a dedicated team of operational support professionals based in Chicago who provide around-the-clock support via live chat, email or phone.

Rich Trade Reporting

Each participant receives detailed trade reports consisting of trades, positions, settlement, collateral on deposit, initial margin and fees at each settlement cycle.


Trade through FIX API, WebSocket or our fully customizable front end, which supports order submission, block trading, charting and trade auditing. See more details on technical connectivity options.

Direct connection is available at NY4 and CH1.

Binary multicast market data distribution and drop copy execution reports are available.